What is a turned wood burl?  In short, a burl is a tree knot.  From the outside, a burl often looks like a lumpy, knobby knot growing on the trunk or a branch of a tree. The rounded growth could be filled dormant buds or the result of an injury to the tree. The grain may appear deformed on the outside, but inside it can be quite beautiful when polished and finished by a skillful wood artist like Dave Kaufmann. Burls can form on any type of tree and each is unique, the shapes lending themselves to woodturning design.  

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Southwest box elder burl

1D-DK597  SOLD

fancy burl piece, standing


Southwest box elder burl


Burl vase




Cherry Burl bowl with natural edge rim


Buckeye Burl bowl/vase natural edge rim and voids


Box elder burl bowl with natural edge rim


burl decorative piece


burl decorative wall piece


Buckeye burl vase

1P-DK879  SOLD

Box elder bur


buckeye burl


Box elder bur


Southwest box elder burl

1P-DK819  SOLD

Cottonwood burl bowl with natural edge rim.


Myrtle Burl Bowl,

Burls can have smooth or natural edges, be flat or hollow, solid enough to hold water (Native Americans made burl water vases called an olla), or full of holes (like a sieve).  A finished piece turned from a burl can be left in a totally natural state or decorated with inlay and overlay and finished with trims like leather or feathers, or hand-painted or stained.  A burl is like a blank canvas. Dave is the artist who turns it into a masterpiece.  

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burl decorative wall piece


burl decorative wall piece

3D-DK765  SOLD

decorative piece with turquoise inlay


Elm burl vase
What looks like leather strips on the Southwest-inspired vase, is really strips of ebony wood. See more examples of in Gallery Southwest Inspirations.


hand-stained vase
Hand-staining with reds and yellows brings out the natural beauty of this burl vase. See other collaborative efforts working with burl in the Dave’s Decorative Gallery.


Spalted aspen vase
This spalted aspen vase with Brazilian cherry rim fits equally well in any gallery displaying a selection of  hollowed-out vessels—pot, bowl, vase, vessel.


Claro Walnut bowl,
This classic-shaped Claro Walnut bowl is soft to the touch and both useful and decorative. See more bowls in the Bowl Gallery


juniper vessel, ebony lid and pedistal
What can you put in this juniper vessel with ebonized finial lid and pedestal? Anything that fits! See more vessels in the Gallery Vases and Vessels.


burl wood platter

This textured walnut platter can be used as a tray, a table platter, or s lovely decoration. See more in Gallery Platters.