From Start to Finish

From raw wood to work of art, the process of Creative Woodturning by Dave is labor intensive. But, it is labor done with love, clearly evident in each final piece you see here in his galleries.

Gather Wood

Dave Kaufmann hauling wood

Aspen used in my sturnings are mostly harvested from the owl Creek Pass area. just north of Ridgway, Colorado


Dave Kaufmann storing wood

It is the rough shape turned, and waxed to prevent checking and splitting. Then, off to dry storage, sometimes up to 36 months, for the wood to achieve the desired moisture content.

Form Exterior

The piece of wood is then placed on the lathe, and the exterior is formed and sanded.

Hollow out Interior

Working on the lathe, and with special tools, the interior is then hollowed out to the desired thickness.

Apply Finish

The finish of choice for aspen is one heavy coat of sanding, sealer, three to four coats of lacquer. buffed with 0000 steel wool and then reubbed with Renaissance wax.

Work of art

Tall aspen vase,

Finished piece, aspen vase. 9″ wide, 12 1/2″ tall.